What is BBOGS?

Simply put, BBOGS (Board-Based Open Gaming System) is a gaming system that allows people to create their own games, in whatever genre they want. Unlike other Open Gaming License (OGL) games like D20, this system is built for board games.

The game is meant to be played without the aid of a Game Master. It requires very little prep (outside the printing and cutting out of the materials) and once you have one game mastered, you can move on to other games in the system using the similar rules, but with a different motif.

What Games are Available?

The first game, Dragonfire Mountain, it still under construction. Two other games are on the drawing board, a Sci-Fi themed game, tentatively titled “Infested” and a pulp-action-themed game titled “Quest for the Mystic Temple.”

There’s room for a lot more games. I envision games with horror themes (vampires, zombies, etc), Cthulu-esque themes, and even cartoon themes.  Really, the sky’s the limit.

How Can I Help?

Well, glad you asked.

For now, I need volunteers to play test Dragonfire Mountain. Once we’ve kicked it around and smoothed off the rough edges, I can publish a developer’s guide so other people can begin creating games and sharing them with the world.

I also need artists. The player cards and adventure cards need some juicing up to help with game play. If you’ve got skills with character or creature artwork, let me know!

How Do I Contact You?

Email is the fastest way: brian@dungeoneering.net

You can also leave comments to this page or any other posting on the site if you have ideas you’d like to share.

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