Did some upgrades to WordPress and decided the old YellowJacket theme just wasn’t doing it for me. Hope everyone likes the new Greenline theme. It’s a lot wider and I’m really liking the two sidebars instead of one.

In other news, it was just brought to my attention that one of the downloads (3D Columns from Stone Kingdom) was locked and wouldn’t print. My fault entirely, but the bloody thing had been downloaded over a thousand times before anyone mentioned it! (BTW, thank you Scott) If you spot a problem, let me know. Trust me, my ego isn’t that fragile.

Finally, I’m running low on ideas for D100 Lists. If you’ve got an idea, kick it on over my way. I’ll do the work, just need a starting point.

Anywho, that concludes the latest site update. We now return you to your regularly scheduled game session…

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