Game Guide: Sailing Jargon

The first of hopefully many Game Guides. These are meant as system-agnostic guides that can help you flesh out your game world. This issue is Sailing Jargon. Make your salty seadogs sound even saltier! Sailing is a specialized world full of unique words. Keep your players off-balance while they're on-board ship by having the crew talk authentically.

D100 Lists: Book Titles

How many times have you given your players a room with a bookshelf and they want to know the title of EVERY FRAKING BOOK?! Now you can answer them. I've tried to mix a little humor in with some reasonable sounding names. I leave it up to you to decide what's actually in the books.

One Month to D&D 4th Edition!

It’s only one month till the release of the new and improved Dungeon & Dragons. If you haven’t done so yet, you can pre-order the books from

D100 List: Emotions

Part Two of the series. Lost for a word or attitude to describe an NPC? Let your dice find the answer!

D100 List: Occupations

The first in an ongoing series of content for helping game masters create vivid, living worlds. Each list will feature 100 options on a topic. This week's list is occupations. This will help you build a fantasy village in short order.

Upgrade Complete!

Finally! The newest and (hopefully) best version of Dungeoneering is now online. Marvel at its search feature. Be amazed by the tagging and categorization. Gape in sheer incomprehension at the new color scheme.