Press Release, 2-22-2011, Wicked North Games, LLC:

AZAMAR is an epic, high-magic, fantasy, role-play setting for the free Cinema6 Games Framework. Brought to you by Wicked North Games, the Cinema6 Games Framework (c6) is a true, Open Source Game System created with use of six-sided dice. The Cinema6 Games Framework has been designed from the ground up to make cinematic elements an integral part of gameplay. It is unique in that c6 streamlines rules and mechanics, simplifying the game so its not only easy to play, but easy to change.

In order to kickstart Azamar into production, Wicked North Games is offering pre-orders as well as some unique deals, such as a lifetime membership, entitling the member to a softcover copy of every book to be produced by the company and producer credits. Alternatively, contributors might choose to purchase the rights to design a member of the Azamar pantheon. Either way, this is a chance to immortalize themselves in the sourcebook for an exciting new game system.

Check the Kickstart website for details, as well as links to the Azamar interactive world map and a free adventure, “The Road to Azamar!”


Free Adventure and more:

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