The Forum is Back!

After a few years being on hiatus, the forum is back and ready for your insightful comments, witty repartee, and general instruction and information. There is also a section for discussing the new board game...

Stupid Spammers

So, because a few very well-equipped people feel that the internet (and my site) is their own personal billboard, I need to upgrade the security here on Dungeoneering.

A New Look for 2011

It’s probably a downgrade from the old look, but I was getting a fair number of complaints of the look-and-feel (pseudo Windows Vista/7). This design (Easel Theme from Word Press) is a little easier to...

New Feature: Polls

Check ’em out on the right side of the page. They’re random, so keep filling in your opinion as new polls pop up. Have a suggestion for a poll? Let me know and I’ll think...

Still Here, Still Alive

Just working away as a contractor, so there's less flexibility in my time (though being paid hourly is GREAT).

Word Press 3.0

We are upgraded and the site doesn't appear to have suffered any serious harm.

No More Amazon Referrals

I'll leave the ones up for now, but the long and the short of it is, thanks to the short-sightedness and greed of the State of Colorado, Amazon has closed all Associates accounts within Colorado.