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Updated January 7th, 2014

What do I need to view/print Dungeoneering terrain pieces?

Most downloads are Portable Document Format or PDF. That means you’ll need to open them with Adobe Acrobat Reader. It’s a free download if you don’t have it already. You can also download FoxIt Reader for free. It’s not as full-featured as Adobe’s Reader, but it is a lot faster.

Where do I find the maps/terrain/dungeon tiles?

This is a blog, so just go to the home page and start going through the entries. There is also a link at the top for all downloads. There are two additional links at the top for Stone Kingdom and Starbase Omicron. These are the fantasy and sci-fi tiles, respectively. And last but not least, use the Search box on this page to search the entire site for something in particular.

Can I request a particular terrain piece?

Please do! There are a couple of methods. One is to comment on current tiles. Tell me which ones you like, and which you don’t like or don’t need. Second is to just email me. Either way, suggestions and comments are always welcome.

When does new content come out?

Life’s pretty busy and updates come when they come. If I can get more traffic through the site (and more ad revenue) it’ll be a higher priority on my to-do list. Approximately once a month you’ll see new content.

Where is X? I downloaded it once and now I can’t find it.

As of January 2014, downloads are available on at pretty cheap prices.

How do I put these terrain pieces together?

First off, there is no “right way” to assemble these tiles. A lot of this depends on your personal resources and preferences.

Printing: Print on card stock. Use the thickest paper your printer will handle. This isn’t super-cheap, but it does save a lot of time. If you can’t print card stock, you can print on regular paper, then glue to paper board (cereal boxes for example). Be careful, there’s a lot of color for these tiles and cheap paper will curl, wrinkle, and warp when you apply too much ink to it. My wife and I just found out our new HP has issues with really fancy card stock because it loads and prints out the front, forcing the paper to do a 180 in the machine. Try to look for printers that load from the top (back) and print out the front.

Cutting: I use two things: Paper slicers and X-acto knives. My wife’s an avid scrapbooker and has a pair of paper slicers that cut long straight lines. Huge time saver. For smaller cuts, use an X-acto knife (with a cutting mat underneath!). This is another place that thick paper pays off. Scissors? Knock yourself out, but I’m a clumsy oaf and just butcher my tiles when I use them.

And be careful! Those blades are sharp!

Assembly: There are a variety of tools to try. Paper clips and binder clips provide a so-so connection, but don’t damage the tiles in any way. I’ve used clear Scotch tape for a few things. They don’t damage the tiles too much, but it doesn’t come off and can build up after a few uses. The one method I really want to try is applying magnet strips to the bottom of the tiles and using them on a metal board. No fuss, no mess. Admittedly, this isn’t cheap either. If you simply want to weight your tiles down, a little rubber cement and pennies (or local equivalent) or washers will keep tiles from being destroyed by an errant sneeze.

Lamination: I wish! It would work great, but is expensive (unless you work for a school or university where a laminator just might be lying around). Lamination would make your tiles permanent accessories that would last for a good long time and you can write on them with dry erase markers. A visitor wrote in suggesting clear contact paper. I haven’t tried it myself, but it sounds great. If anyone knows of another cheap alternative, let me know.

Can I Advertise on Dungeoneering?

Of course you can. Just contact me and ask. We have two banner spots on the site (leaderboard and skyscaper) that we can put your ad on. The terms are pretty easy and I can do it for a week or a month at a time.

Who Owns These Files?

All images, downloads, and documents (unless otherwise noted) are copyrighted by Brian Rollins. No unauthorized republishing or sale is allowed. No exceptions. Permission is granted for personal duplication and use.

12 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. Also, you can use a simple image program (even paint) to digitally put the images together, then print it as one sheet. However this only works on small (A4) battle grids, not full scale maps for army games, or whole dungeons. Just saying- Thanks for the amazing content, and hope the Mon & Fri thing contiues 😉

  2. Helo!
    Thanks for these great ressources, i am a new to this game and i have one question about the Dice Rolls Sheet. I don’t have a 10 sided die so how can i for instance use the 10 dice roll sheet ?
    I keep looking at it but i still have no clue, héhé !

    Thanks in advance !

  3. Can you provide a contact tab or a Email address that is not connected to outlook. Also how do you contribute, add material? I’m running a a WH 40K SF game with a foundation in D&D 3rd ed (hated Dark Heresy). Our game adds elements from several other RPG games. I designed several layouts using Power Point.

    I would also love to find a way to build overland/world maps using Power Point or using another MS Suite software. I did a solar system using PP because our game takes place on “Messina” in the Thracian Primaris system of the Helican subsector, Scarus Sector, Segmentus Obscurus (whew). I also did the prospector town the characters are in and the nearby graveyard.

    1. Oh, the PP thing. I’ve stopped putting just the graphics versions online as they were getting ripped off and used all over the place. I highly recommend printing and cutting the pieces so you have a physical library of items to use.

      PP makes for a crappy drawing tool. I know there are some good world-map-making tutorials using Photoshop out there on the net. Just Google what you’re looking for.

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