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Third & Final Shadowmagic

sonsI think I’ve mentioned the books here before (and if not, shame on me). Regardless, the Shadowmagic series is a worthwhile read. Fun and action-packed, it takes the “fish out of water” fantasy trope and turns it on its ear, giving us a protagonist that isn’t an idiot and knows full well he’s out of his depth.

Plus, it goes into Gaelic mythology which never seems to get enough attention, in my opinion.

Check out the books by John Lenahan if you have not already. Available in paperback and Kindle.

Hogwarts in Lego

I know it’s not strictly RPG, but I know a fair number of gamers that use Legos for their miniatures.

This woman puts them all to shame with a 400,000 piece rendition of the famous fictional school. Go forth and marvel (and maybe get inspired).

First Look at “The Hobbit”

This is going to be EPIC!

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Sources of Inspiration – Escape Artist Podcasts

On the lookout for new sources of inspiration for your gaming table? How about free genre audio fiction?

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Game of Thrones – Excellent Inspiration

I’ve gushed on here before about how cool George R. R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” series is. HBO picked up the rights to the books and is making a series based on them.

The simplest way to describe them is Lord of the Rings meets Dune. Fantasy, but with heavy political intrigue. And sex. And violence. And more sex.

If you haven’t picked up the books, do so immediately. They are a fantastic resource for any Fantasy RPG. Political intrigue and a maneuverings galore. If you’re not into reading (barbarian) or if you have read them already, check out the HBO series. I’ve reviewed the first episode here and it’s worth the time and money.

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