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Mobile Version Back Online

For some reason, the mobile plugin for WordPress went AWOL and users were being forced to endure the full desktop version on their tiny device screens. Worry no more my friends, is back to being mobile-friendly.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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twitter-iconWe are now on Twitter, if that’s your social media venue of choice.


You can still find us on Facebook or grab this site’s RSS feed.

Happy New Year!

I hope the new year brings you all fun and games!

It’s been a quiet 2013 here at Dungeoneering, but next year promises to be much more interesting with D&D Next coming this Summer. Tune in for more cool stuff in 2014.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you all have something to be thankful for!

Here’s to (hopefully) a warm and happy holiday season my fellow gamers.

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If you haven’t done so already, “Like” on Facebook.

I would love to break 100 fans this week!

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And if you like the site, pass it along to your gamer friends around the town and around the world.

Don’t Let Congress Kill the Internet

If you haven’t noticed already, many sites have gone dark to protest bills currently slinking their way through the US Congress.

SOPA and PIPA will, effectively, kill the Internet as we know it and make it nearly impossible for the small guys (ie ME) to run websites where users can upload content.

Google has a great site on the need to kill these bills, so I won’t duplicate the effort.

If you’re US Citizen, I beg you to contact your Senators and Representative and tell them to say no to these bills and to stop allowing corporate cash to determine legislation.

Another Change in Theme

Found a good one that looks good, does its job, and allows for proper, but not overdone, advertising.

Pass the word around to your friends that are into gaming. Should be plenty for everyone to get something for their gaming table.

Happy New Year, kids.

Happy New Year!

Hope you all have a great 2012 full of games, fun, prosperity, and happiness!

Hopefully, I’ll have some awesome stuff for you kids in the coming year. Maybe this will be the big one that gets the board game released as a final version.