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NaNoWriMo Anyone?

I probably should have asked this in October, but are there any Dungeoneers out there (besides myself) that are trying their hand at NaNoWriMo?

If you are, let me know. I’ve tried a few years, but never got to 50,000. Trying to do better this year and could always use group support.

Sources of Inspiration – Escape Artist Podcasts

On the lookout for new sources of inspiration for your gaming table? How about free genre audio fiction?

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We’re on Facebook

Show your love and meet fellow dungeoneers on Facebook. I’ve set up a page for everyone to jump in and share the love.

Wander on by and comment, add links, or just hang out.

Please become a fan. I’d hate to be the only fan in there.

Excellent Music Resource – Sonic Legends

Got an email earlier this week to check out And it’s fantastic!

Excellent source of loopable gaming music, written by gamers! The prices are great and you can score a whole library of music for about the cost of a CD. I highly recommend checking it out. I’ve long extolled the virtues of using music in your games, now someone’s made a resource just for us! My personal favorite: Elven City at Night.

If you’ve got a site you’d like me to check out, please feel free to email me. I’m always on the lookout for new toys (and a link back to yours truly would not go unappreciated).

Star Wars Paper Models

Not sure about the scale, but these are exceptionally cool, even if you aren’t able to work them into your Star Wars RPG campaign.

16 Awesome Star Wars Paper Models

Star Wars Paper Models