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More D&D on Microsoft’s Surface

A few months back, I put a demo video up of the new D&D prototype running on Microsoft’s Surface technology.

Well, here’s another demo of actual gameplay. It’s a little muddled, but you get a better sense of how it plays.

March D&D Releases: Player’s Handbook 3 and Harrowing Halls

Two releases this month, both look to be of use to the Dungeoneering crew:

Player’s Handbook 3

Player’s Handbook 3 expands the range of options available to D&D players with new classes, races, powers, and other material.

This book builds on the array of classes and races presented in the Player’s Handbook and Player’s Handbook 2 core rulebooks, presenting old favorites and new, never-before-seen options to the game. Player’s Handbook 3 also adds the psionic power source to the 4th Edition D&D game, along with several new classes that harness this power source.

Cool tidbit: The Monk is back! I thought that was a glaring omission from the 4th edition, especially since the new 3rd edition Monks were so much fun. I’m not sure about psionics. Never been a real fan of the group of classes, but I guess, to each his own.

Dungeon Tiles: Harrowing Halls

This D&D Roleplaying Game accessory gives Dungeon Masters an easy and inexpensive way to include great-looking terrain in their games. This set provides ready-to-use, configurable tiles and three-dimensional enhancements with which to build exciting encounter locations.

This accessory contains four double-sided sheets of illustrated, diecut terrain tiles printed on heavy cardstock, plus two sheets of three-dimensional terrain elements, allowing you to create platforms, staircases, and other dungeon fixtures.

February D&D Release: Martial Power 2

New options for fighters, rangers, rogues, and warlords…

Sharpen your sword and tighten your bow! This must-have book is the latest in a line of player-friendly game supplements offering hundreds of new options for D&D® characters, specifically focusing on martial heroes. It provides new archetypal builds for fighters, rangers, rogues, and warlords, as well as new character powers, feats, paragon paths, and epic destinies. Available February 16, 2010.

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Another January Release: Dragonborn

OK, so the calendar I checked from Wizards only listed Underdark, but apparently there’s a second book out this month: Player’s Handbook Races: Dragonborn

New options and character hooks for dragonborn characters.

If you want to play the ultimate dragonborn hero, this book is for you!

This expansion of the Player’s Handbook® core rulebook explores the mysteries of the dragonborn. It presents D&D® players with exciting new options for their dragonborn characters, including unique racial feats, powers, paragon paths, and epic destinies. This book also includes ways to flesh out your dragonborn character’s background and personality.

December D&D Release: The Plane Below

New book out this month and what better book for the holidays than demons of the lower planes.

The Plane Below: Secrets of the Elemental Chaos

Fiendish dungeons and elemental battlefields await…

A hotbed of adventure opportunities await you in the roiling maelstrom of the Elemental Chaos–a plane of titans, elementals, genies, slaads, and demons. This game supplement builds on the overview of the Elemental Chaos presented in the Manual of the Planes game supplement and explores the tumultuous plane is greater detail. From the City of Brass to the githzerai monastery of Zerthadlun to the spiraling depths of the Abyss, adventure lurks behind every lava waterfall, across every icy battlefield, and beyond every raging lightning storm.

This game supplement describes the Elemental Chaos in detail, featuring key locations throughout the plane. It also presents a multitude of new monsters, mighty primordials, and powerful demons, as well as adventure hooks, encounters, hazards, and everything Dungeon Masters need to make the Elemental Chaos a featured setting in their campaigns.

New Release: Arcane Power & Martial Heroes Minis

A pair of releases this month. First off, new material for spellcasters, Arcane Power.  From the description:

New options for wizards, warlocks, sorcerers, bards, and swordmages…

This tome focuses on the arcane heroes: characters who wield strange and mysterious spells and rely on their mastery of magic for survival.

This book provides new archetypal builds for the wizard, warlock, sorcerer, bard, and swordmage classes, including new character powers, feats, paragon paths, and epic destinies.

But what you Dungeoneering fans really want are new miniature figures, right? Here are the latest sets: Martial Heroes, Arcane Heroes, Primal Heroes, and Divine Heroes. Check it out, they aren’t hidden figs, but visible in the packaging. Sweet!

Each booster pack contains 3 visible, high-quality, non-random plastic miniatures representing D&D player characters, plus an exclusive power card not available elsewhere! Each miniature comes beautifully painted and fully assembled.

Looks like Series Two comes out in August. More on that later this Summer.

New Release: Player’s Handbook 2 & Power Cards

This month’s big D&D release from WotC is the Player’s Handbook 2! The 3rd Edition book was a big hit, expanding player’s options and giving them scores of ideas for tweaking and upgrading their characters.

Also out are the new Player’s Handbook Power Cards. Each and every class power appearing in the Player’s Handbook has its own card. Simply select the cards for your character’s powers and you’re ready to play. Click “Continue Reading” for a full list of decks available.

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New Release: Dungeon Delve and Caves of Carnage

February has two cool releases. The first is Dungeon Delve, a pack of ready-made short dungeon adventures (or delves) for people that want to go right away with little-to-no-prep time. Sounds like a cool idea. The second is Caves of Carnage, another miniatures terrain pack from Wizards of the Coast. It’s cool, you like paying for your terrain. I mean, it’s not my bag, but I hear some people do that sort of thing. From time to time.