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Excellent Music Resource – Sonic Legends

Got an email earlier this week to check out And it’s fantastic!

Excellent source of loopable gaming music, written by gamers! The prices are great and you can score a whole library of music for about the cost of a CD. I highly recommend checking it out. I’ve long extolled the virtues of using music in your games, now someone’s made a resource just for us! My personal favorite: Elven City at Night.

If you’ve got a site you’d like me to check out, please feel free to email me. I’m always on the lookout for new toys (and a link back to yours truly would not go unappreciated).

Music to Game By – Towns, Villages, and Courts

So, not every encounter is with a slavering beast or rotting undead. Sometimes it’s in court, wooing a maiden or persuading the local baron. Sometimes it’s shopping in the bazaar or at the county fair. Here are some inspirations for those rare, non-life-threatening gaming moments.

One tip when using these for non-combat situations, find a track that matches the setting and reuse that piece whenever the part returns to said setting. Basically, you’re creating a “theme song” for an area and as soon as you replay it, the players are back drawn in immediately.

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Music to Game By – Combat

In a lot of RPGs, combat can actually get pretty tedious. After a few rounds, some of the excitement gets lost in dice rolls and rule checking. Enter the score! Keep the adrenaline pumping with the following scores and soundtracks.

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Music to Game By – Horror

First of a new series to help game masters better use music at their gaming table.

Music can be an incredible tool and with today’s laptops and iPods, it’s pretty easy to bring a lot of music right to the table with minimal fuss and space. So, without further ado, the first installment:

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