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D100 List: Fantasy Name Builder

The concept is pretty simple: Roll a D100 for the first part of the name on the first list, the another D100 on the second list for the latter half. Put them together and voila, you have a fantasy name worthy of Tolkien himself. Uses the basic Adjective-Noun or Noun-Noun combinations.

Use the lists to generate inns, taverns, towns, cities, guilds, houses, or any geographic feature that you need.

See below for the lists.

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D100 List: Planet/System Names

It’s been a while since I pulled a list together and, I think, only the second time I’ve put together a Sci-Fi themed list.

Use these names to populate your game with planets and systems for your players to explore, conquer, or simply meet a grisly end. Make up your own stories about the planets and what their names’ mean.

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D100 Lists: Female Fantasy/Sci-Fi Names

You didn’t think we’d leave out the ladies now did you?  Again, fictional names with a decidedly otherworldly sound to them.

Well, “Male Fantasy” didn’t mess up my Google stats. Hopefully “Female Fantasy” won’t either!

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