No More Amazon Referrals

I'll leave the ones up for now, but the long and the short of it is, thanks to the short-sightedness and greed of the State of Colorado, Amazon has closed all Associates accounts within Colorado.

Reskinning Complete

Behold the glorious majesty! Wonder at it's simple, yet complex design. Marvel...OK, I'll settle down now.

Thanks for the Plug

Wanted to thank the guys over at for the free publicity. is mentioned in their latest article. Now, to get a new download done and uploaded…

Stupid Google

That's right! I dare to blaspheme against the great and terrible god Google! It's bad enough that my Page Rank has mystically slipped from 4 to 2, but now they're ads are worthless!

Cyber Monday

Today (at least here in the States), is the biggest online shopping day of the year. That being said, I feel I should remind the good folks out there, that this site is funded entirely by Amazon referrals and Google ads.