Set Your Gaming Table on Fire

Well, not literally, but it’s a great chance to thaw out from the Winter Stone set from last month. Ten pages of red-hot terrain for your adventurers to dance around on. A large 8×10 grid...

New Download: Sea Dock Construction Kit

Seedy and salty, there’s good work to be had on the docks. Great for use with the Ship Construction Kit, the Docks allows you to build a port of any size and shape. Download the...

New Download: Sailing Ship Construction Kit

The newest download from Dungeoneering is here! You and your party can sail the high seas in your very own sailing vessel. Download and print a variety of pieces that allows you to build the...

D100 List – Their Dying Breath

Suggested by reader Nick Wright, I just had to do it. You have felled the big-bad-evil-doer. But then what? He just lays there? She says nothing? No, we must have a dramatic death!

D100 List – Descriptors

Being able to describe an object, not just what it is, but what it looks like, is the difference between an OK game and a good game. Besides, many players have picked up the trick that if you (the game master) have taken the time to describe something, it's important. Here's a little tool to help you make everything have a description.