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Set Your Gaming Table on Fire

fire-stoneWell, not literally, but it’s a great chance to thaw out from the Winter Stone set from last month.

Ten pages of red-hot terrain for your adventurers to dance around on. A large 8×10 grid to play on as well as a variety of curves and circles, along with special tiles for traps, holes, and more!

Simple and effective, you can print and cut the grids to fit any gaming table or campaign. They are unmarked, allowing you to use them for any game system or genre.

New Download: Sea Dock Construction Kit

dockSeedy and salty, there’s good work to be had on the docks.

Great for use with the Ship Construction Kit, the Docks allows you to build a port of any size and shape.

Download the Sea Dock Construction Kit today!

New Download: Sailing Ship Construction Kit

ship_constructionThe newest download from Dungeoneering is here! You and your party can sail the high seas in your very own sailing vessel.

Download and print a variety of pieces that allows you to build the upper and lower decks of a variety of sailing ships. Perfect for fantasy, pulp, historic, and even modern campaigns.

Download the Ship Construction Kit today!

Miniature Terrain Pack #1 Now On Sale

mini_terrain_pack_01Our first product is live on DriveThruRPG!

Check out the first of four Miniature Terrains on the site. The next three should be available soon!

This set features 10 pages of 8×5 terrain that’s suitable for any and all gaming genres. Terrains include: Dirt, snow, grass (two varieties), and snow/mud mix.

Be sure to put in your requests for the next set!

Be sure to check back often, new sets will be going up weekly.



D100: Kitchen Items – Fantasy

d100_featuredIt’s been awhile since I served up a D100 list, so here’s one for filling out a kitchen.

This is specific to fantasy or historical campaigns. If something doesn’t fit your game world…reroll! You are the GM after all.

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D100 List – Their Dying Breath

Suggested by reader Nick Wright, I just had to do it. You have felled the big-bad-evil-doer. But then what? He just lays there? She says nothing? No, we must have a dramatic death! It is a moral imperative!

Here’s a list of actions and phrases you can drop in as the enemy dies. They may be meaningless ways for your NPC to mess with the players’ heads. It may be the lead to the next adventure. Your call. Remember to change any language to make it appropriate to your setting. Change “you” to “thou” or “thee” and stuff like that.

Remember, you can always re-roll if the result makes no sense.

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D100 List – Descriptors

Being able to describe an object, not just what it is, but what it looks like, is the difference between an OK game and a good game. Besides, many players have picked up the trick that if you (the game master) have taken the time to describe something, it’s important. Here’s a little tool to help you make everything have a description.

Feel free to use this in conjunction with the colors list I posted awhile back.

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New Pages Added

A few new pages added to the site.

Pages for Most Downloaded, Least Downloaded, and Mean Streets are now available. For the most and least downloaded pages, I’m giving you the top and bottom twenty, respectively. The Mean Streets page gives you all (two) downloads for the D20 Modern series.

Need to add some more to that, don’t I?