Happy New Year!

I hope the new year brings you all fun and games! It’s been a quiet 2013 here at Dungeoneering, but next year promises to be much more interesting with D&D Next coming this Summer. Tune...

D&D Next – Summer 2014

Wizards of the Coast has announced that D&D Next (or 5th Edition to us old timers) will be out this coming Summer. 4th Edition failed to achieve anything resembling traction with the market after version...

D&D Next and Beyond

I’m still on the playtest mailing list and the stuff I’ve seen thus far is promising. What I want to throw out to you all is, has D&D strayed too far from what you want...

Another January Release: Dragonborn

OK, so the calendar I checked from Wizards only listed Underdark, but apparently there's a second book out this month: Player's Handbook Races: Dragonborn

January D&D Release: Underdark

Underdark™ contains everything a Dungeon Master needs to run adventures or campaigns set in the vast underworld of his or her D&D campaign, including new monsters and hazards, ready-to-play encounters, monster lairs, and detailed information on various dark-dwelling “movers and shakers.”