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Back to School Means Back to the Game Table

Remember, that back to school sales can be a HUGE money saver for your game table. Paper, pencils, rulers, and cutting tools all go on sale. The biggest savings I’ve score is heavy paper stock for my print outs. Normally, this stuff is pretty pricey, but it usually goes on sale with the rest of the printer paper this time of year.

Also check out X-Acto blades and other “slicers” for easier cutting of your print outs.

Dry erase boards and markers are a good score as well. Possibly home laminators or plastic slip-covers for papers as well.

Got a tip to share about back to school sales? Add your comment below. Links welcome!

Printing Idea: Banners

The folks over at contacted me about using them for printing dungeon maps. Sounds like a pretty cool idea, especially if you need something big and sturdy to use in your game setting.

Check them out and tell them Dungeoneering sent you! If you do use them, send me a photo of the finished product and I’ll show it here.

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