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March D&D Releases: Player’s Handbook 3 and Harrowing Halls

Two releases this month, both look to be of use to the Dungeoneering crew:

Player’s Handbook 3

Player’s Handbook 3 expands the range of options available to D&D players with new classes, races, powers, and other material.

This book builds on the array of classes and races presented in the Player’s Handbook and Player’s Handbook 2 core rulebooks, presenting old favorites and new, never-before-seen options to the game. Player’s Handbook 3 also adds the psionic power source to the 4th Edition D&D game, along with several new classes that harness this power source.

Cool tidbit: The Monk is back! I thought that was a glaring omission from the 4th edition, especially since the new 3rd edition Monks were so much fun. I’m not sure about psionics. Never been a real fan of the group of classes, but I guess, to each his own.

Dungeon Tiles: Harrowing Halls

This D&D Roleplaying Game accessory gives Dungeon Masters an easy and inexpensive way to include great-looking terrain in their games. This set provides ready-to-use, configurable tiles and three-dimensional enhancements with which to build exciting encounter locations.

This accessory contains four double-sided sheets of illustrated, diecut terrain tiles printed on heavy cardstock, plus two sheets of three-dimensional terrain elements, allowing you to create platforms, staircases, and other dungeon fixtures.

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