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New Sponsor:

The guys over at Troll and Toad are the first to buy advertising space here on Dungeoneering. Besides being suave, well-endowed, and handsome men that any girl would be happy to bring home to mom and dad, they run a great site with some awesome deals. Be sure to head on over and check them out. Great stuff, including miniatures and figures of all shapes and sizes.

With Amazon referals having gone buh-bye, here at Dungeoneering, we’re open to most any RPG-related sponsorships. If you want your site advertised on Dungeoneering, let me know!

2 thoughts on “New Sponsor:

  1. Heya um I was wondering about advertisement space and how much something like that would cost. I am about to be running a small scale starwars based online rpg (browser nothing intense) and I was wondering about estimates about advertising on places like these that have real players that might enjoy the content.
    Jesse Harrison

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