D100 List: Furnishings & Items (Fantasy)

This list is so going to foul up my Google Ads, but no matter. Now you can create a room with just a few rolls of your dice. This list has a definite fantasy bias....

Go Get Firefox 3.0!

Do yourself an epic-level favor, and get the newest Firefox, just released today. You’ll thank me later.

What Do You Want?

This is an open call for content ideas. This goes for either tile sets or D100 lists. I do try to act on suggestions, so this is your big chance to get in on the...

Deus Ex Mod Featuring Dungeoneering Textures

Dungeoneering goes 3D and Real-Time! Check out the Mutations Mod for Deus Ex. If some of the textures look familiar, they should. Several of the floors are based on Cavern Floor, Dragon’s Lair, and Dark...

D100 Lists: Colors

Don't be stuck with the same old plain color descriptions for shields, clothing, and more.

Tomorrow is D&D Day!

It's only one day until the release of the new and improved Dungeon & Dragons! If you haven't done so yet, you can order the books from Amazon.com.

D100 Lists: Terrain Types

I feel kind of silly for not thinking of this list sooner. I mean, terrain is the primary function of Dungeoneering. Isn't it?