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Another Dragonfire Mountain Update

If you haven’t yet downloaded the game, do so soon. I’ll be pulling it when I’m done with game updates. The new one probably won’t have the same name, but if you want to live in the past, pull the game down now.

  • [download#116]
  • [download#117]

Why the pull down? Well, the new game, tentatively just being called “Dungeoneering: The Board Game” is going to be fairly different than the original 0.1 version of Dragonfire. Gone will be the hexagonal spaces and the five card types. Also gone is the “big bad boss” in the center.

The game is being retooled (based on much feedback, thank you) to be more of a dungeon crawl without the DM (or GM).

The current plan is to make the game quest based. Players draw quest cards and fulfill them for points. Player that reaches the target score first, wins. Quests will be varied and (hopefully) interesting, ranging from “Slay 3 Bandits” to “Steal a weapon from another player.”

Playtesters will definitely be needed, so stay tuned!

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