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Another Dragonfire Mountain Update

If you haven’t yet downloaded the game, do so soon. I’ll be pulling it when I’m done with game updates. The new one probably won’t have the same name, but if you want to live in the past, pull the game down now.

  • [download#116]
  • [download#117]

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Dragonfire Mountain Updates Coming

Had a small brainstorm on how to improve/simplify the game board for Dragonfire (and other HOGS games).

Of course, this means I have to come up with a new name for the system as I’m dumping the hexagons from the system!

Stay tuned for more info.

Dragonfire Mountain – The Beta Begins

Go to town kids.

It’s been a long time in the works and I hope you enjoy it. If you download and play the game, be sure to leave notes on the forum so I can make fixes, corrections, and tweaks for version 0.2

  • [download#116]
  • [download#117]

Remember to pass the game along to friends and anyone else that might be interested!

Dragonfire Mountain – Sneak Preview

If you’re already on the Dungeoneering Facebook page, you may have spotted it already.

If you want a look at the board from the upcoming game, drop on by and check it out. Give us a like if you’re so inclined.

Coming soon, a sneak peek at the adventure and player character cards.

The game is coming along, just have a few fixes and proofs to get through. I’ll make the call again, if you’re of an artistic type and want to help, I would LOVE to be able to put more character and creature art on the cards. Right now, they look good, but not great.

Open Boardgame – Updates

I’m pushing away at getting a working game finished. In the meantime, I need a name for the system itself.

I’m a little stuck. The board is hexagon based, so I’ve been trying like mad to fit “hex” into the name. I thought I’d scored with “OpenHex” but there are other projects using the name.

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Dungeoneering – The Board Game?

It’s been a pet project off and on for a few years. Using the “print & cut once” idea from Dungeoneering’s terrain, I’ve got the basics of an Open Gaming License board game. The idea is simple, multiple board pieces are used to randomly create the whole board. Players then compete in an RPG-like game where random rolls and card draws manage the adventure. If any of you have played “Talisman” you’ll be roughly familiar with the concept. It’s D&D-lite, with all players, no DM.

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