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Get Into Space with Starbase Omicron

Get started building your own space stations or starships with this set. Diamond plate tiles that you can print and cut into any shape and size you need.

The universe is your playground with this Sci-Fi setting.

Download Page

RPG Tiles for Halloween

Got an RPG set for Halloween? Check out these tile sets for your creepy, horror-theme gaming session.


Winter has come!

winter-stoneThe fun and frivolity of the Winter Games has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean your RPG campaign can’t enjoy a little icy fun.

Check out the Winter Stone tiles on DriveThruRPG.

Perfect for ice temples, frozen planets, or locales north of a certain “wall.”

Reader Submission: Kai’s Basic Tools

Our first reader submitted download!

Check out this PowerPoint created by Kai to help you build your own map using Dungeoneering’s tiles.

This is a great example of how to use the Creative Commons license. You all are free to build new stuff with it and share it with others for free.

If you have maps, tiles, or whatever you want to share, email me and let me know!

Download now: [download#114]

DM Tool: Dice Roll Lists

For those that are old-time fans of Dungeoneering, this set will look more than a little familiar.

Way back when (before this was and was a Geocities site) one of the most popular downloads were dice roll lists. What are dice roll lists? Let me explain.

Back in the good old days of my hardcore GMing sessions, I found that (due to lack of space) throwing dice could be a bit of a pain, when I wanted to keep them secret. These were the days when laptops where mind-blowingly expensive and I was on a student budget. Also, a lot of my gaming prep was done during lulls in lectures, during lunch, etc.

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New Pages Added

A few new pages added to the site.

Pages for Most Downloaded, Least Downloaded, and Mean Streets are now available. For the most and least downloaded pages, I’m giving you the top and bottom twenty, respectively. The Mean Streets page gives you all (two) downloads for the D20 Modern series.

Need to add some more to that, don’t I?

It Came from the Basement

Here you go gang. The downloads you failed to love. Those poor kids picked last for kickball. The bottom 10 downloads. Well, here they are, back from the dead!

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Back to Basics

Since it’s been awhile since an update and since we have so many new faces around here, I thought a repost of the basic terrain sets was in order. These are starting base pieces for each of the three main sets here at Dungeoneering.

  • [download#12#size]
  • [download#52#size]
  • [download#91#size]

Stone Kingdom is built for Fantasy campaigns (like Dungeons & Dragons). Starbase Omicron is built for Sci-Fi RPG campaigns (like Star Wars, Star Trek, or Serenity). Finally, the Mean Streets series, the newest of the three, is built for Modern RPG campaigns (like D20 Modern/Past, Shadowrun, or Mutants & Masterminds).

Whatever you’re running, one of these should get you started. If there’s something else you need, but aren’t finding, I’m always open to suggestions.

Oh and Happy New Year!