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Music to Game By – Towns, Villages, and Courts

So, not every encounter is with a slavering beast or rotting undead. Sometimes it’s in court, wooing a maiden or persuading the local baron. Sometimes it’s shopping in the bazaar or at the county fair. Here are some inspirations for those rare, non-life-threatening gaming moments.

One tip when using these for non-combat situations, find a track that matches the setting and reuse that piece whenever the part returns to said setting. Basically, you’re creating a “theme song” for an area and as soon as you replay it, the players are back drawn in immediately.

Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas

Found this duo and they are perfect for towns and villages as well as formal settings.

Bach – 99 Most Essential Bach Masterpieces

99 pieces! Take your pick and go with it. Grab a bunch of these on your player and hit shuffle and never worry about it again until the encounter is done.

Johnny Cunningham – Peter & Wendy

While the album is meant as a musical journey through the classic tale of Peter Pan, much of the music is perfect for any medieval town or village.

Silk Road Journeys

Who says your adventures have to stay in European-like countries. Add an eastern spice to your campaigns.

Vivaldi – Four Seasons

I’ll admit it. I really don’t like Vivaldi. It’s nothing personal, but it’s overused. A lot. That being said, it works wonderfully for game settings.

  • Spring & Autumn – Court assemblies and functions.
  • Summer & Winter – Courting the fair princess or a chase through town.

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