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Changes in Theme

A few people have griped about the Windows theme, but I think it’s going to stay. The older theme didn’t support ads very well and when I checked my old stats, the ad revenue started dropping the minute I switched off of this theme.

Frankly, I don’t see the problem. It’s clean and clear and the navigation is pretty obvious. If I find something that won’t offend Apple and Linux fanboys, I’ll put it up. If you guys want to start donating or paying for the downloads, you can have any theme you want. Deal?

Google +1

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Google is now tracking what people like and clicking that little icon will help drive traffic to Dungeoneering. Could really use the traffic, the site stopped being profitable a month or two back, so right now there’s no real drive to make more content.

So, if you like Dungeoneering, click the link and check our sponsors to help this site become successful again.