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D100: Kitchen Items – Fantasy

d100_featuredIt’s been awhile since I served up a D100 list, so here’s one for filling out a kitchen.

This is specific to fantasy or historical campaigns. If something doesn’t fit your game world…reroll! You are the GM after all.

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D100 List: Fantasy Sword & Weapon Names

Not sure why I didn’t come up with this one sooner, but Game of Thrones is very inspiring in terms of game content. Not the least of which are names for swords. Great swords in that world all have names so their history can be passed down from owner to owner.

I’ll leave it up to you to add attributes (if any) to the weapon.

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D100 List – Their Dying Breath

Suggested by reader Nick Wright, I just had to do it. You have felled the big-bad-evil-doer. But then what? He just lays there? She says nothing? No, we must have a dramatic death! It is a moral imperative!

Here’s a list of actions and phrases you can drop in as the enemy dies. They may be meaningless ways for your NPC to mess with the players’ heads. It may be the lead to the next adventure. Your call. Remember to change any language to make it appropriate to your setting. Change “you” to “thou” or “thee” and stuff like that.

Remember, you can always re-roll if the result makes no sense.

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D100 List – Descriptors

Being able to describe an object, not just what it is, but what it looks like, is the difference between an OK game and a good game. Besides, many players have picked up the trick that if you (the game master) have taken the time to describe something, it’s important. Here’s a little tool to help you make everything have a description.

Feel free to use this in conjunction with the colors list I posted awhile back.

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D100 List: Fantasy Name Builder

The concept is pretty simple: Roll a D100 for the first part of the name on the first list, the another D100 on the second list for the latter half. Put them together and voila, you have a fantasy name worthy of Tolkien himself. Uses the basic Adjective-Noun or Noun-Noun combinations.

Use the lists to generate inns, taverns, towns, cities, guilds, houses, or any geographic feature that you need.

See below for the lists.

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D100 List: Modern Street Names

OK, there’s not nearly enough “Modern” content, so here’s a list of plausible modern street names. Just so your PCs get ahold of the right gangster this time.

I’m on a much needed vacation, so any messages or comments you leave, may have to wait for a bit for a response.

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D100 List: Fantasy City/Town Names

I gave you music for them, now I’m giving you a list of what to call them when you get there.

Use the list to populate maps, stories, riddles, or more.

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D100 List: Planet/System Names

It’s been a while since I pulled a list together and, I think, only the second time I’ve put together a Sci-Fi themed list.

Use these names to populate your game with planets and systems for your players to explore, conquer, or simply meet a grisly end. Make up your own stories about the planets and what their names’ mean.

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