Time to Shut Dungeoneering Down?

Clearly, the site isn’t getting the traffic it used to.

Advertising revenue is WAY down and I get no comments (good or bad) on the content of the site. Is pen and paper gaming dead? Do people want to start paying for this stuff?

I need to seriously reconsider the future of the site. I’m thinking of taking this down and using my account to get a different domain name and try something new out with my skills.

If you’re a new visitor, grab what you can, while you can. If you’re an old timer, thanks for…well…I don’t know. The site’s been used and abused and people have downloaded the tiles thousands of times. But few, if anyone, wants to comment or donate or click on an ad to keep the site up.

For those of you that run with Ad Blockers on, understand that we keep our sites up with revenue from those advertisements. By blocking them, we get no referrals and “out of the goodness of my heart” doesn’t really pay the bills.

10 Responses to “Time to Shut Dungeoneering Down?”

  • chris:

    I just found the site. I will grab what I can and will pass the link around…

  • Nerd684:

    I’m sorry to hear that. I wish that you’d stay up. Your stuff is really cool.

  • It would be a shame to see this website go, it has loads of useful resources.

    In terms of your recent call for user contributions, I have been weighing whether or not to buy Dunjinni or Campaign Cartographer to allow me to create my own tiles for Warhammer Quest. Does anyone know if it is then permissible to post these on a site like this one and my own site?

    I’m happy to share if/when this happened.


    • TheDungeoneer:

      My understanding of Dunjinni is that you can not post or share any of the creations you make as the artwork is copyrighted by Wizards (or whomever owns that software). I don’t know about Campaign Cartographer, you may want to check their web site.

  • Dillon Brice:

    Bah, i just found this site today too. It’s true that few people understand (or care) that free websites like this are badly hurt by ad blocker software. Perhaps you need to move on to a service like rpgnow.com.

  • ldsdbomber:

    where are all the resources, there are no links that I can see to any content?

  • Erik:

    I started playing Labyrinth Lord recently and just discovered your site. I would recommend dropping the “Windows” theme… for one I thought your site had absolutely no navigation. I gave up a couple times but saw a post by you on BGG and checked back because I found it hard to believe. I doubt many would take as much time to find your site navigation.

    That said the tiles look great! I hope that you can figure out something that works for you.

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