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I haven’t done a review of any sort on this site in several years, but I thought I might bring them back once in a while. Today I’m giving a thumbs up to the late HBO TV series “Rome.”

Lasting only two seasons, it follows the lives of both the heavy hitters of the Roman Empire and a few “commoners,” just before the turn of the millennium (circa 44 BC). I’ll warn you now: It’s violent, graphic, and explicit. If it were shown in theaters it would be R, possibly NC-17. But it’s not offensive like say “Deadwood.”

It’s a great little resource for getting into political and military intrigue as well as understanding the day-to-day lives of people in the past. There are few historical inaccuracies so I wouldn’t use it to cram for an exam, but it’s close enough to feel right.

The sets are fantastic and the costumes are great. I’m guessing these, along with the fact that it’s filmed in Italy, contributed to its short lifespan on HBO & BBC. Also of note: The soundtrack. I’m a big proponent of music at the gaming table and this CD has found a permanent place at mine.

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