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D100 List: Family & Clan Mottos

I know it’s pretty out-of-the-norm for a list, but I think it’s one of those things that really adds spice to a clan or powerful family. Wherever possible, I’m offering them in their original language (usually Latin) to add further spice.

  1. Ad metam (To the mark)
  2. Animum rege (Rule thy mind)
  3. Aquila non captat muscas (The eagle catcheth not flies)
  4. Aspice et imitare (Look and imitate)
  5. Attendez vouz (Wait patiently)
  6. Audeo (I dare)
  7. Aut vincam aut periam (Either win or perish)
  8. Auxilium ab alto (Aid from above)
  9. Avant (Forward)
  10. Avitœ gloriœ memor (Mindful of ancestral glory)
  11. Bello ac pace paratus (In war and peace prepared)
  12. Bene qui pacifice (He lives well who lives peacefully)
  13. Ceteris major qui melior (Who is better is greater than the rest)
  14. Cœlum non animum (You may change your climate, but not your disposition)
  15. Cognosce te ipsum et disce pati (Know thyself and learn to suffer)
  16. Confido (I trust)
  17. Consilio et armis (By wisdom and arms)
  18. Constantia et virtute (By constancy and virtue)
  19. Diligenter et fideliter Diligently and faithfully
  20. Ductus, non coatus (Led, not forced)
  21. Dulcis pro patria labor (Labour for one’s country is sweet)
  22. E labore dulcedo (Pleasure arises out of labor)
  23. Eternitatem cogita (Think on eternity)
  24. Faire mon devoir (To do my duty)
  25. Felis demulcta mitis (The stroked cat is meek)
  26. Fide et caritate laboro (I labour with faith and charity)
  27. Fluminis ritu ferimur (We rush on like a brook)
  28. Forte et fidele (By strength and faith)
  29. Fortiter et honestè (Boldly and honorably)
  30. Fortune le veut (Fortune so wills it)
  31. Gaudeo (I rejoice)
  32. Gnaviter (Skilfully)
  33. Hodie non cras (Today, not tomorrow)
  34. In omnia paratus (Ready for all things)
  35. Intemerata fides (Faith undefiled)
  36. Jus meum tuebor (I will defend my right)
  37. La liberté (Liberty)
  38. Labore et honore (By industry and honour)
  39. Laider ise ber righ (Stong for your King)
  40. Malo mori quam foe dari (Rather death than disgrace)
  41. Meliora spero sequorque (I hope and strive for better fortunes)
  42. Mors lupi agnis vita (The death of the wolf is life to the lambs)
  43. Mors œrumnarum requies (Death is rest from afflictions)
  44. Murus œneus esto (Be thou a wall of brass)
  45. Ne oublie (Never forget)
  46. Nec quœrere, nec spernere honorem (Neither to seek nor to despise honour)
  47. Nec temere nec timide (Neither rashly, nor timidly)
  48. Non nobis sed omnibus (Not for ourselves, but for all)
  49. Non vox sed votum (Not a voice, but a wish)
  50. Nunquam non paratus (Never unprepared)
  51. Omnia vincit amor (Love subdues all things)
  52. Omnia vincit veritas (Truth conquers all)
  53. Optima revelatio stella (A star the best revelation)
  54. Ora et labora (Pray and labour)
  55. Ostendo non ostento (I show, not boast)
  56. Par ternis suppar (A pair more than a match for three)
  57. Parta tueri (Defend your acquisitions)
  58. Pensez forte (Think firmly)
  59. Per industriam (Through industry)
  60. Post funera virtus (Virtue survives death)
  61. Prend moi tel que je suis (Take me as I am)
  62. Pro aris et focis (For our altars and our homes)
  63. Propria virtute audax (Daring in the cause of virtue)
  64. Quid tibi vis fieri facias (Do what you wish to be done to you)
  65. Quod potui perfeci (I have done what I could)
  66. Quœque favilla micat (Every ember shines)
  67. Recte faciendo neminem timeas (In acting justly fear no one)
  68. Rosa petit cœlum (The Rose seeks heaven)
  69. Secret et hardi (Secret and bold)
  70. Secus rivos aquarum (By rivers of water)
  71. Semper eadem (Always the same)
  72. Semper fidelis (Always faithful)
  73. Semper vigilans (Always watchful)
  74. Serva jugum (I keep the yoke)
  75. Sic nos sic sacra tuemur (Ourselves, and things sacred, we guard)
  76. Sola nobilitas virtus (Virtue is the only nobility)
  77. Spectemur agendo (Let us be viewed by our actions)
  78. Sperare timere est (To hope is to fear)
  79. Sperabo (I will hope)
  80. Spero infestis me tuo secundis (In prosperity I fear, in adversity I hope)
  81. Spes durat avorum (The hope of my ancestors endures)
  82. Spes mea in futuro est (My hope is in the future)
  83. Sub robore virtus (Virtue under strength)
  84. Suivez moi (Follow me)
  85. Summum nec metuam diem, nec optem (I neither fear the last day, nor look forward to it)
  86. Tene fortiter (Hold firmly)
  87. Toutz foitz chevalier (Always a knight)
  88. Tuemur (We guard)
  89. Unita fortior (The stronger being united)
  90. Vanus est honor (Honour is vain)
  91. Ventis secundis (By favourable winds)
  92. Vespere et mane (In the evening and the morning)
  93. Vici (I have conquered)
  94. Vigilans et audax (Vigilant and bold)
  95. Vincam malum bono (I will overcome evil by good)
  96. Virtute orta occidunt rarius (Things sprung form virtue rarely perish)
  97. Vis viri fragilis (Weak is the strength of man)
  98. Vita vel morte triumpha (Triumph in life or death)
  99. Vivere sat vincere (To live is to conquer)
  100. Vota vita mea (Prayers are my life)

2 thoughts on “D100 List: Family & Clan Mottos

  1. Quoeque Favilla Micat.
    Fifty years ago at school I made an ashtray with this Motto on it – I also had a hand holding a crescent upright – never knew what it meant – don’t know where I saw it – Family Crest ?

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