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Coming Back…

Soon, I hope. Real-life work has got me pinned down to 60+ hours a week right now, so no space in my life for new terrain pieces. I have #100 in mind, and it’s going to be HUGE, I promise.

Thanks for all the positive comments on the site. It really does help. I guess all I have to do is act like a petulant teenager and then people will write in.  🙂

Since I have everyone’s attention, don’t be shy about suggestions. I’ve gotten some of my best sets from ideas from you all. Send them in. Especially if it’s cogent to your campaign. Also post comments about how you’ve used the tiles in the past. They work one way in my brain, but maybe a completely different way in yours.

And finally: Send in your pix! I love seeing the tiles in action. Email them to me and I’ll post them on the site.

Thanks again gang!

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