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D100 List: Tavern Names

Because every flippin’ town has got to have one. The pattern I used was The-Adjective-Noun. Enjoy. Be sure to add something after the name like Inn, Tavern, Roadhouse, Hall, Lodge, or Alehouse.

  1. The Abundant Pantry
  2. The Angry Elf
  3. The Beatific Ogre
  4. The Berserk Boar
  5. The Black Fox
  6. The Bloody Field
  7. The Blue Bard
  8. The Blind Gosling
  9. The Brass Scepter
  10. The Broken Wheel
  11. The Busting Barrel
  12. The Cheerful Chupacabra
  13. The Cracked Gargoyle
  14. The Cranky Brownie
  15. The Craven Judge
  16. The Crimson Lance
  17. The Daft Sage
  18. The Dainty Troll
  19. The Dancing Dwarf
  20. The Dead Axehead
  21. The Demon’s Bargain
  22. The Dented Helm
  23. The Dirty Vixen
  24. The Doomed Knave
  25. The Druid’s Grove
  26. The Drunken Scribe
  27. The Dry Kelpie
  28. The Endless Grog
  29. The Enraged Sparrow
  30. The Fallen Angel
  31. The Fair Vagabond
  32. The Fey Garden
  33. The Fiery Flagon
  34. The Flying Cyclops
  35. The Foaming Tankard
  36. The Free Slave
  37. The Frozen Naga
  38. The Gentle Hippogriff
  39. The Gray Hand
  40. The Green Leaf
  41. The Gold Doubloon
  42. The Golden Eagle
  43. The Hairy Seal
  44. The Happy Monkey
  45. The Humbled King
  46. The Hungry Bandit
  47. The Idiot Savant
  48. The Iron Knight
  49. The Joking Goblin
  50. The Jolly Wanderer
  51. The Juicy Thistle
  52. The Killing Curse
  53. The Laughing Unicorn
  54. The Littlest Roc
  55. The Lone Wolf
  56. The Lost Traveler
  57. The Mad Kobold
  58. The Manacled Maid
  59. The Nosy Gnome
  60. The Old North Road
  61. The Ornery Knave
  62. The Ordered Mind
  63. The Pale Flask
  64. The Parched Barbarian
  65. The Pig Sty
  66. The Polished Mace
  67. The Proud Peacock
  68. The Quiet Dragon
  69. The Radiant Maiden
  70. The Raving Nun
  71. The Ravishing Virgin
  72. The Red Mark
  73. The Repentant Thief
  74. The Rouge Rogue
  75. The Saintly Succubus
  76. The Screaming Treant
  77. The Seven Quills
  78. The Shadowy Cloak
  79. The Shining Shield
  80. The Silver Dagger
  81. The Siren’s Call
  82. The Sleeping Lady
  83. The Southern Pass
  84. The Starving Monk
  85. The Tired Troll
  86. The Toothless Nobleman
  87. The Twin Concubines
  88. The Ugly Rose
  89. The Usurped Tyrant
  90. The Violet Sun
  91. The Wailing Banshee
  92. The West Wind
  93. The White Bear
  94. The Wild Flood
  95. The Winding Windmill
  96. The Winking Wench
  97. The Wistful Wife
  98. The Xenial Swan
  99. The Young Sage
  100. The Zealous Initiate

5 thoughts on “D100 List: Tavern Names

  1. This list when thrown into Inspiration Pad means I will never worry about coming up with a good name ever again. Thank you so much! Every DM needs this list printed and with them at every game.

  2. Thank you! Using this on my NaNoWriMo but passing it (and all the other D100 lists) along to my DM for its intended purpose as well. Much better content than most of the name generators I’ve found.

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