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D100 Lists: Book Titles

How many times have you given your players a room with a bookshelf and they want to know the title of EVERY FRAKING BOOK?!

Now you can answer them. I’ve tried to mix a little humor in with some reasonable sounding names. I leave it up to you to decide what’s actually in the books.

  1. Arneson’s Guide to Draconian Droppings
  2. Beesman’s Guide to Clerical Effiency
  3. Bend the Knee
  4. The Black Fleet
  5. Blades of the West
  6. Brigands Throughout History
  7. The Broken Blade
  8. The Burning Lake
  9. The Burnished Shield
  10. Chastity: A Woman’s True Weapon
  11. Clubs: Primitive and Effective
  12. Comicus Rex
  13. The Concubine’s Chronicle
  14. Cotton as a Cash Crop
  15. The Creeping Vine
  16. The Crescent Moon
  17. Death and Beyond
  18. The Defeat of Walla Khan
  19. Demigods of the Outer Planes
  20. Dishonor Before Death: A Thief’s Tale
  21. Dragons and Maidens: A History
  22. Dwarven Ales: A Cautionary Tale
  23. Effective Wood Gathering
  24. Eight Love Potions
  25. The End and the Beginning
  26. The Equinox and Solstice
  27. The Fall of the Yrin Empire
  28. Fertility Rites of the Kobold
  29. Fey Charms and Wards
  30. Fields of Glory
  31. Fletchings and Bow Strings
  32. Fool’s Gold
  33. The Forty-First Thief
  34. The Frozen Volcano
  35. Gelfling: Fact or Fiction?
  36. Geysers of the Upper Plateau
  37. The Glass Citadel
  38. Gygaxian Lore and Legends
  39. The Gypsy’s Curse
  40. Harvest Sun
  41. Hard Tack and Gruel: A Ship’s Cookbook
  42. A History of Falconry
  43. The Holy Word of Torm
  44. Hughes’ Heraldry
  45. Hunter’s Moon
  46. Johan’s Field Guild to Elk
  47. The Jongleur’s Bells
  48. The King’s Guide to Hunting Boar
  49. Knitting Your Way to Marriage
  50. Know Your Carnivorous Plants
  51. Lady DeWinter’s Betrayal
  52. A Lovers’ Quarrel
  53. Lunar Cycles
  54. Magic Yourself Thin
  55. Maps of Legend
  56. Merchant’s Guide to the Ovarin Pass
  57. Message in a Bottle
  58. Midwifery
  59. Minerals: Ore Grades
  60. Minerals: Precious and Semi-Precious Stones
  61. Ministers of the Red
  62. My Time with Mermaids
  63. Of Fools and Kings
  64. Owlbears: Friend or Foe?
  65. Prophets and Oracles
  66. The Puerile Pass
  67. Rain of Heaven
  68. Roots and Fungi
  69. Samuel’s Seminal on Slugs
  70. The Sewers of Oldenburg
  71. The Shattered Oak
  72. Shipbuilding on the Eastern Seas
  73. Signs and Portents
  74. Siege Weapons of the Last Century
  75. Slave Trading: A Historical Perspective
  76. Stars and Constellations
  77. Stellar Alignments and Conjuctions
  78. Sparrows: African and European
  79. Spores, Molds, and Fungi: A Cookbook for the Underdark
  80. The Sun’s Orbital Path
  81. Swordsmen of the Northern Sea
  82. A Tale of Two Brothers
  83. Tales of a Dwarven Mage
  84. Thief of the Heart
  85. Tidal Guide
  86. The Tragedy of Quinn Wex
  87. Treasures of the Sawtooth Mountains
  88. Trees of the Eastern Provinces
  89. Tribal Battle Tactics
  90. Troglodyte Musk and Other Aphrodisiacs
  91. Understanding Our Friends the Drow
  92. A Wandering Minstrel
  93. War: A Personal Recollection
  94. Warriors of the Open Plains
  95. The Weeping Unicorn
  96. Weeval Extermination
  97. The White Raven
  98. Wines of the Southlands
  99. Yarwin’s Voyage
  100. Zarg’s Guide to Goblin Culture

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