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Dragonfire Mountain – Sneak Preview

If you’re already on the Dungeoneering Facebook page, you may have spotted it already.

If you want a look at the board from the upcoming game, drop on by and check it out. Give us a like if you’re so inclined.

Coming soon, a sneak peek at the adventure and player character cards.

The game is coming along, just have a few fixes and proofs to get through. I’ll make the call again, if you’re of an artistic type and want to help, I would LOVE to be able to put more character and creature art on the cards. Right now, they look good, but not great.

2 thoughts on “Dragonfire Mountain – Sneak Preview

  1. That is so cool! I can’t wait until the rules are released. If it is within the next two weeks I will be doing a lot of play-testing.

    It’s a shame this isn’t getting a lot of attention… yet.

    1. I’ll step up my efforts to get it out next week. I forget that a lot of places have Spring break coming up and I imagine it’s a good time to get playing.

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