Dragonfire Mountain – The Beta Begins

Go to town kids.

It’s been a long time in the works and I hope you enjoy it. If you download and play the game, be sure to leave notes on the forum so I can make fixes, corrections, and tweaks for version 0.2

  • [download#116]
  • [download#117]

Remember to pass the game along to friends and anyone else that might be interested!

4 Responses to “Dragonfire Mountain – The Beta Begins”

  • Sunken:

    Cool, will check it out and say what I think. Just hope I can get some friends to play it with. Don’t have many of them that is in to Boardgames and RPG’s just videogame RPG’s.

    • TheDungeoneer:

      There’s something special about gathering around the table and playing something like this or Talisman or Settlers. It’s long-term, fun, and (dare I say it) social.

      I love video games as much as the next guy, but there’s something magical about a game table, Dr. Pepper, pizza, chips, and bad Monty Python quotes.

  • Drakecoinus:

    Downloaded and printing over the weekend 🙂
    looks like a fun time killer for my gaming group

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