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Dungeoneering – The Board Game?

It’s been a pet project off and on for a few years. Using the “print & cut once” idea from Dungeoneering’s terrain, I’ve got the basics of an Open Gaming License board game. The idea is simple, multiple board pieces are used to randomly create the whole board. Players then compete in an RPG-like game where random rolls and card draws manage the adventure. If any of you have played “Talisman” you’ll be roughly familiar with the concept. It’s D&D-lite, with all players, no DM.

The system is meant to be expanded to multiple genres. The first game I have nearly finished is fantasy-based, but I have notes for a Sci-Fi themed game next. I also want to put the system out there so other people can contribute and create their own versions of the game.

So what say you people? Interested in a board game? As I’ve gotten older and RPGs have become increasingly time-consuming, relying on board games (particularly more complex ones for one-off play) have become a god-send.

So, anyone interested?

15 thoughts on “Dungeoneering – The Board Game?

  1. The idea is fantastic! d20, simple character sheets, draw cards for game rules (quests), modular board design so each game is different which also makes ease of adding on new sets and rules. Sounds like it could be a blast to build and play.

    If you’re going to make it community built (which would be awesome), I’d suggest a “Developer’s Kit” so we can all follow some sort of guide lines. Also, a Wikia would be cool too, to help one another out, too.

    1. The site is under construction as I work on the first game. What I think we need first is game testers for the first game and we’ll tweak the engine from there.

      One of the considerations is not using cards, but making a web-based card drawing app to save players the hassle of printing and cutting all those cards.

      Also, any artists out there that want to contribute? Need art in particular for the character cards (druid, barbarian, dwarf, etc).

  2. I love this Idea. I am willing to help playtest and maybe help develop the sci-fi. Though I’d prefer the cards or maybe a list that we roll on because some people cant bring a computer to the table. unless you made like an app for it.

    1. Yes, I think (for play testing) that it will be a dice roll list in place of cards while we tweak it out.

      If that mechanic works, we’ll keep it. If not, well, it’s a LOT of cutting for the initial game session, but after that, you have a nice pile of cards.

  3. I’m in for development/playtest if you’ll have me.

    One question: How will you differentiate this game from other games in the niche, like say Castle Ravenloft or Descent?

    1. It’s free?

      To be honest, I haven’t played either of the games you mention. I was looking for an open game for board gaming. There are other open games out there, but they are all designed around long-term campaigns and detailed settings. I wanted a game that players could just jump into for one night of game play.

      Also, the flexibility of the system should allow for others to make their own versions, while keeping the general rules framework the same.

      1. The fact that its free and fan made is enough of a distinction for me.

        Had you intended to keep it in vein of the D20 system (d20 + modifier vs. DC)?

        1. Think simpler. Body, Mind, or Soul score + a D6 roll (and a few modifiers like weapon or circumstance).

          The idea is that anyone can jump in, but it tastes enough like a dungeon crawl that us “old hats” can enjoy ourselves.

        2. Oh and I looked up Castle Ravencroft. Very cool, but this game is going to be more of a “last man standing” or “first one to beat the big baddie” wins kind of game.

          I’m not really planning on dropping a scenario booklet for people to use.

  4. Your idea is compelling for me. I’m a father and my kids want to play with my miniatures, and I want to play with them (the kids, I mean). A game like the one you’re describing would be a godsend because they need something simple they don’t have to read fifty pages for and I want something that isn’t Candyland.

    I’m no artist, and I’m a law student, so how could I help?

  5. Me and a small group of friends are new to DnD, and I can tell you that I am definitely interested in playtesting this, and I can probably get my friends okay with playtesting. I know for sure one or two of them aren’t too horrible at artistry, but I don’t know if I could get either one of them to help with that, or that if you’d even want their help. But I just gotta say, very interesting idea.

    From what I understand of the concept, it has the ease of implementation more akin to putting a video game in a console than setting up a game, but it’ll have the same kind of unique experience each time that you’d find in DnD. Really hope it works out that way.

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