Dragonfire Mountain

This is the first game to be introduced for BBOGS. It will act as our testbed and trial.

Currently, it stands at about 75% done, with the boards nearly complete as well as the player character cards. The adventure, artifact, and spell cards are less along, but coming soon.

If you’re interested in being a play tester, let me know. If you’re an artist, let me know as well. The cards need artwork to spruce them up. This is a volunteer effort, but I will put your name, website, etc. in the credits of the manual so it will give you a little publicity.

Contact Brian


The land is torn and oppressed. Wizards, bandits, and all manner of foul beasts roam the land.

But heroes have arisen. Some are motivated by good, others greed. Some seek fame, while others seek wisdom and power.

Which one will rise and become the true champion of the land? Who will reign supreme over the darkness?


The game of Dragonfire Mountain features a variety of regions in which to play. There are 9 playable areas, eight outer regions that are shuffled and laid out randomly with a tougher, center region.

  • Ironstone Castle
  • Firegem Mines
  • Crystal Oasis
  • Ebon Swamp
  • Elven Glen
  • Raven’s Tower
  • Falcon’s Eyre
  • Port Azure


  • Sir Gathus Bleakstone  – Knight Errant
  • Johann Eagleye – Scout
  • Drake Poole – Town Guard
  • Eraz Grex – Apprentice Wizard
  • Wesley Edwards – Scholar
  • Zinda Goldblood –  Priestess
  • Erodas Shatterbow – Elven Archer
  • Eleana Treewarden –  Neophyte Druid
  • Ewert Sast – Huntsman
  • Jonas Piqford – Sea Captain
  • Bloody Sam Reed – Infamous Pirate
  • Orrin Goldwright – Merchant
  • Fritt Gripps – Petty Thief
  • Grax Skullpolisher – Orc Shaman
  • Arana the Fierce – Amazon Princess
  • Rak Ironspike – Dwarven Apprentice Smith
  • Shall Fireblade – Dwarven Guard
  • Bovar the Brutal – Minotaur Raider
  • Pik Nimblefingers –  Gnome Tinkerer
  • Gwendelyn Evenhand – Monastic Initiate
  • Freya Oakenshield – Valkyrie
  • Bellus Clearwater – Cavalier
  • Ezkal Barrash – Nomad
  • Mathias Silverward – Paladin

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