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Music to Game By – Combat

In a lot of RPGs, combat can actually get pretty tedious. After a few rounds, some of the excitement gets lost in dice rolls and rule checking. Enter the score! Keep the adrenaline pumping with the following scores and soundtracks.

Halo Soundtracks

These scores are perfect for fighting games, particularly Modern and Sci-Fi games. If you have a lot of players that have played the games, you may want to steer away from these CDs, lest you confuse the mood for them.


I’ll admit, the concept is laughable, four cellos playing heavy metal. The execution is perfect for hard core gaming, particularly the tracks that are all-instrumental. Try it out in your next battle.

Kingdom of Heaven

A great film for RPG inspiration, Kingdom of Heaven gives a great feel for the classic knights of the holy order time. Includes both European and Arabic influences.


Besides being excellent RPG fodder, the movie gave us a unique soundtrack blending ancient sounds with modern rock. Perfect for beating back Persians, forming a phalanx, or just dining in hell.


Frankly, I wasn’t impressed with the film (not a big Brad Pitt fan). However, James Horner gives a great, haunting score perfect for pre- and during combat scenes.

Star Trek

Couldn’t let you go without some hardcore Sci-Fi. Yes, the core theme to Star Trek is very recognizable, but some of the battle themes are not. Here’s a smattering of the scores that would work for battle.

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