Stupid Google

That’s right! I dare to blaspheme against the great and terrible god Google! It’s bad enough that my Page Rank has mystically slipped from 4 to 2, but now their ads are worthless!

Apparently there’s no differentiation in Google’s data banks from Dungeon Tile to Floor Tile (hence all the home improvement ads on the site). That being said, I’ve just used the T-word twice and I shan’t use it again. Henceforth, they are Dungeon Terrain or Battle Terrain or Miniature Terrain. You got it Google? Terrain, terrain, terrain, terrain, and terrain!

If that doesn’t get it through the monster’s brain, I don’t know what will. Thank you for your time and patience. Oh, and click the ads. No matter how inappropriate they are to the site.

And here’s a few more keywords to choke on: RPG, Role Playing Game, Dungeons and Dragons, Wargame, Miniature, Wizards of the Coast, D20, Star Wars, Star Trek, Fantasy, Science Fiction

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