D100 List: Furnishings & Items (Fantasy)

This list is so going to foul up my Google Ads, but no matter. Now you can create a room with just a few rolls of your dice. This list has a definite fantasy bias....

D100 Lists: Colors

Don't be stuck with the same old plain color descriptions for shields, clothing, and more.

D100 Lists: Terrain Types

I feel kind of silly for not thinking of this list sooner. I mean, terrain is the primary function of Dungeoneering. Isn't it?

D100 Lists: Book Titles

How many times have you given your players a room with a bookshelf and they want to know the title of EVERY FRAKING BOOK?! Now you can answer them. I've tried to mix a little humor in with some reasonable sounding names. I leave it up to you to decide what's actually in the books.

D100 List: Emotions

Part Two of the series. Lost for a word or attitude to describe an NPC? Let your dice find the answer!